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Can I also shop as a consumer at Gluecksperle?
Everybody can shop on this site, whether they are a reseller or consumer.
Is there a way to pick up the order by my self?
We're just a pure online shop and do not offer direct sales. But you can visit our shops in Linz and Graz.
What are the shipping costs?
We ship all orders insured and registered by by post or GLS and charge ship-ping costs according to our shipping price list
How can I pay for an order?
For new customers who do not pay by paypal we ask to pay by bank transfer in advance for the first few orders. In this case you will receive an automated email after completing you order where you can find our bank account information. Regular customers with good payment behaviour will receive their order with the attached invoice and can pay after receipt of delivery.
Is there a catalogue which can be ordered?
We don't maintain any printed product catalogue.
How long will shipping take?
We are trying to send all orders as soon as possible.

The avarage shipping time takes:
for Austria: 1-3 working days
for Germany: 2-4 working days
for EU: 2-5 working days
Please note that delivery time may vary depending on workload.
Will sold out items be supplied later?
No. Sold out items are not supplied later automatically or free, respectively because of potentially very long replenishment time. Of course only delivered articles will be charged.
Is a higher unit price charged if my desired scale price quantity isn't available?
No. Just the unite price of your ordered quantity will be charged, even if only a smaller amount is available.
Can I use a mix of different beads from one type to get the more favorable scale price?
No. Our scale price always refers to one item number.
Do I get a special discount as a reseller with a trade license?
No. The selling prices is based only on the quantity scales.
Where can I contact if I have a problem?
We try very hard to solve problems quickly and unbureaucratically. Just write an email to

Should a solution fail to satisfy you, you will be able to file a free-of-charge complaint with the European Commissions Online Dispute Resolution platform. The platform can be reached at the following link:

What does the term "strand" means?
One strand is a nylon thread on which the beads are strung together in order to facilitate sales.